Eating out in London- 26 Grains


At the weekend, I had the pleasure of finally visiting 26 Grains in Covent Garden and couldn’t wait to share my experience with you, as it is one that I thoroughly enjoyed and cannot wait to repeat! I don’t tend to eat out for breakfast a lot of the time, but from now on, when I do, I would very much like it to be here. I’ve recently re-developed my porridge addiction, so naturally, a whole cafe dedicated to serving delicious porridge creations is right up my street.



The cafe can be found in one of my favourite foodie spots; Neil’s Yard. Firstly, if you haven’t yet visited Neil’s Yard, then I would definitely recommend popping by next time you’re in Covent Garden. As well as 26 Grains, there are other beautiful shops and eateries there and it’s just such a bubbly, pretty scene. I love the cosy, rustic vibe in 26 Grains; it’s a really relaxing place to catch up on work, enjoy a girly Sunday brunch or refuel after a morning workout.

Now, for the porridge itself. There are lots of amazing flavour combinations to choose from. All of the porridges are gorgeously cooked with spices and topped with a variety of compotes and superfood sprinkles. I opted for the ‘Blackberry Bay Cacao’ porridge, which was cooked in almond milk, with a hint of cacao running through it- which made it extra delicious. To top, there was a blackberry compote, bee pollen, apple and almond butter. The flavours are so creative and work perfectly to compliment each other; I could have eaten this dish over and over again! If you’re not in the mood for something sweet, there are also savoury porridge options, which I must say, I am very eager to try! As well as these, they offer a variety of drinks, including smoothies and also some cold food options; like bircher muesli.

26 Grains has definitely earned itself a place in my favourite healthy eating hotspots in London and for porridge lovers like myself, this little gem is something I think you’ll love! It is a classic example of how healthy eating is anything but boring and that decadent and delicious dishes can be created from a selection of simple, nutritious ingredients.



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