Breakfast with 9 bar & Amanda Byram


Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending a breakfast event hosted by 9bar and Amanda Byram. The event was organised by CCDPR, in one of the most beautiful studios I have ever visited; First Open Studio in Shoreditch.  It was such a fun event where I was able to meet so many wonderful people with the same passion for health, food and fitness as myself; so I wanted to share some of the highlights of the morning with you.


When I found out we were going to be taking part in a hula hooping class, I had absolutely no idea what to expect as the last time I ever picked up a hula hoop was probably in the school playground.. and I think it’s safe to say it would have spent more time on the floor than spinning around my waist! These hoops were slightly different as they’re weighted and actually give you a really great core workout. It’s very different to the kinds of exercise I’m used to but I loved it and would definitely like to do it again! The instructor showed us some of the basic moves and techniques and then moved on to some slightly more tricky things like squats and balancing on one leg! It’s a really fun and innovative way to work out and I think it’s so important to vary your exercise and try new things as much as possible!


We then got to listen to the lovely Amanda talk about her journey to health and how she’s achieved the lifestyle she leads today. It was so inspiring to hear about her experiences and although she now has a very active and healthy lifestyle, this was something she has had to work at and build upon. I don’t know about you, but I love listening to people talk about these kinds of stories and find it really motivating and also reassuring to know that you’re not alone- lots of people struggle with these things, it’s completely normal! For me, one of the most important things that Amanda touched on was the impact that dieting and body image can have on your mental health. There was once a point where I too believed that being skinny and looking a certain way meant that I was healthy, when in fact this was probably not doing my body an favours on the inside.

‘physical health is one thing, mental health is another’

This quote is something that really stuck with me the most from the listening to Amanda and I couldn’t agree more. In the aim to be fit and healthy, sometimes I feel that we can risk putting our mental health on the line. I think that sometimes there can be a lot of pressure to look a certain way that we can try too hard to be healthy and strive for perfection, which is not always healthy for the mind. A healthy lifestyle should bring you happiness and is something to be enjoyed.

Rather than focusing on being skinny, Amanda now strives to be strong, fit and healthy- and she looks fantastic for it too! She now nourishes her body with a diet filled with good fats, protein, slow releasing carbs and fibre as oppose to low fat, low calorie sugary products.


With this in mind, we then nourished our bodies with some delicious cold pressed juices from Blend & Press and tucked into a balanced and nutritious breakfast dish from Cafe Fleur. I opted for the eggs with avocado and smoked salmon- one of my personal favourites and packed with protein and healthy fats! In true 9 bar fashion, all of the breakfast dishes were sprinkled with a variety of seeds for that boost of omegas and plant protein!


Seeds were a popular topic of the morning as these are one Amanda’s favourite foods and also one of the signatiure ingredients used in 9bars. Seeds are a great source of healthy fats and plant based protein, which makes them an excellent healthy snack option or addition to any meal. 9bar have a wide variety of different flavours to choose from including their new breakfast boost range; which we were given lots of these in our goodie bags to take away.

If you’d like to find out any more information about any of the companies mentioned above, then I have left some links to their websites bellow. I hope you all have a lovely day and remember to fuel your body with healthy whole foods and enjoy your health!


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