Eating out in London- Wild Food Cafe


Today’s post is on another delicious healthy hotspot for all of you fellow foodies out there! I first visited the Wild Food Cafe after hearing glowing reviews from a friend of mine and I must say, I fell in love with this place instantly. The cafe is located in Neil’s Yard in Covent Garden, which is such a beautiful place, filled with healthy eateries and shops. Their menu consists of a variety of smoothies, juices, raw desserts and a mouth-watering range of side and main dishes. Lots of the dishes are raw, plant based meals and even include things like burgers and pizzas (but of the healthy kind!) I’ve thouroughly enjoyed my visits to The Wild Food Cafe and have countless positive things to say about them; I could ramble on all day! So, instead I decided to keep it short and simple and focus on a few main pointers, to hopefully give you a little insight into what you can expect to find there.



The location

Like I mentioned earlier, the cafe can be found in Neil’s Yard, which is just the cutest little courtyard area in Covent Garden. It’s just a short walk from the tube station also, so isn’t too difficult to get to. Covent garden is also filled with an array of wonderful shops. A delicious lunch, followed by a spot of shopping.. perfect afternoon if you ask me!

The food choices 

Personally, I think that their menu offers a great variety of foods both raw and also some cooked options- like their amazing sweet potato wedges! You can choose from a range of salads, starters, sides and mains, as well as their special dishes too! There are also portion options to choose from with the salads, which is ideal if you want to share.. or were just feeling rather peckish that day! They also have one of the largest ranges of dessert options; which, if you’re anything like me and my boyfriend, will definitely win you over!



The taste

Now, on to what is probably the most exciting and important part.. the taste of the food itself! For this, they would receive a firm 10/10 if scores were being given, as everything that I’ve tried so far has been absolutely delicious. The dishes are really creative and use an amazing array of flavours. I would highly recommend the ‘snap dragon salad’- it’s a really fresh, crisp salad dish with coconut bacon and lots of fresh colourful veggies. Even my boyfriend loved the food and he’s not a big raw food fan! He opted for a raw sandwich with nut cheese, coconut bacon and sweet potato wedges.

The atmosphere

One of the main things that I really liked (apart from the food of course) was the atmosphere- there’s just such a vibrant buzz about the place! Everyone is really friendly and you don’t have to wait around a long time for your food either; which is always a plus when you’re hungry! There’s large shutter style windows along the front of the cafe, so it has a very fresh and airy feel; it’s especially lovely on a warm summers day!

On the whole, I’m extremely happy that I visited Wild Food Cafe and look forward to making my way through the rest of their menu! I hope that you found this little review helpful and highly recommend that you try it out for yourselves!


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