Christmas coconut snowball truffles


Welcome to day three of my Christmas Countdown! I’ve been loving creating all of these festive inspired recipes and really getting into the Christmas spirit! This recipe is for one of my favourite ones so far and is coconut snowball truffles with a delicious, rich raw chocolate drizzle. They kind of remind me of a profiterole tower stack, with the creamy chocolate sauce drizzled all over and let me tell you, they taste oh so delicious! This recipe would definitely be one that I would recommend for all of you coconut lovers (like myself) out there as they really are super coconutty! The main ingredient in here is desiccated coconut, so they have a macaroon like texture to them! I’ve then used cashew nuts for a little extra crunch and texture and bound everything together with cashew butter and coconut syrup. It’s such a simple recipe and without the chocolate garnish, you only actually need 4 ingredients! 


Cashew and coconut is one of the most delicious pairings in my opinion, as they both have a slightly sweet hint to them and also a really delicious touch of creaminess too. I absolutely adore cashew nut butter, I think it might even be my favourite nut butter of all time (which, if you know me, you’ll know that that’s a pretty big claim for me to make! Actually, I’ll take that back.. the best nut butter concoction that I’ve made to date would have to be when I made a coconut and cashew butter blend! That was incredible! Especially if you add in a touch of vanilla bean powder as well! Anyway, I seem to have drifted off into a foodie tangent like I tend to do in the majority of my blog posts! Back to the topic in hand.. I just love how simple these are to throw together and yet they still taste like an incredibly indulgent and delicious treat! I think they’d be ideal to have around for Christmas day snacking, or to pair with a nice up of coffee or hot chocolate after dinner. 




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  1. December 4, 2016 / 11:36 am

    Yum! I have something similar on my blog as I love these little healthy coconut cashews balls and your ones look amazing! I’m loving all the Christmas recipes and wow you are posting every day, well done for all your hard work! <3

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