Another use for coconut oil?- Natural teeth whitening


I do some work with my local health food store, which sometimes involves testing out new products for them, so that we’re able to give the customers a better idea of how products work from first hand experience.. and of course make sure that we like the products ourselves! This is a part of my job that is obviously loads of fun and I consider myself very lucky to be able to try lots of new and exciting things! This product in particular, was something that I was very keen to give a go because I’ve been considering teeth whitening for a little while now and love the fact that this is completely natural and made from one of my favourite products: coconut oil! 

Coconut oil is one of those miracle products that seems to have a million and one different uses and is a definite staple in my daily routine. I of course use it in cooking and lots of my raw food recipes, but also as a make up remover, moisturiser and hair mask- it’s truly brilliant stuff! Something that I hadn’t tried, but had heard quite a lot about is oil pulling, which in essence is what this is. If you’re new to this whole thing, It might sound a little bit odd, I know it certainly did to me.. but you do get used to it I promise. Oil pulling typically involves holding an oil (usually coconut from what I gather) in your mouth and swishing it around- very scientific explanation I know! There are numerous benefits to doing this including improving the cleanliness of your mouth by helping to remove some of the bacteria that can get stuck around your teeth. 

These products come in a variety of different flavours ( I tried the mint) and are packaged in little sachets that you simply squeeze the slightly hardened oil out of. They recommend doing the oil pulling for between 5-15 minutes and I initially started off with 5 and then worked my way up as I got used to it. The main question that people have asked me is what it feels like? and is is hard to keep the oil in your mouth? Initially, it does feel very strange and I kind of felt like I was going to swallow it, but I very quickly got used to it and now It feels like second nature. 

First Impressions: 

The first time I tried the product I was pleasantly surprised with the taste, but the texture really shocked me. I did struggle to keep the oil in my mouth for a long period of time and felt as though I was going to swallow it. After a few minutes, I quickly adjusted and it’s a little like using mouth wash.. just for a longer period of time. I did like how it made my mouth feel and I do think it helps to keep my teeth feeling fresh and cleaner. 

How I use it:

I like to do the oil pulling in the morning before brushing my teeth and I usually do this whilst I’m having a bath or doing my makeup. I find that this way, the time goes by pretty quickly and I don’t really even notice it anymore. I also find this quite relaxing and detoxifying, so is something that I’ve been loving to add to my morning routine to start the day on a positive note. 


I’ve only tried the mint flavour, so can only comment on that one, but I really love it! It tastes a bit like peppermint creams and leaves my mouth feeling and tasting lovely and fresh. You also get a nice little hint of coconut in there too, so if you like coconut like me, then you’ll probably like that!


Unlike lots of teeth whitening products, this is made from natural ingredients (mainly coconut oil) so isn’t harmful to your body. I was always sceptical of using regular whitening products, so love the fact that this is a more natural alternative, with added health benefits too! 


I’ve been using the products for 15 days now and although my teeth aren’t miraculously 5 shades whiter, like they might be if I had them clinically whitened. I do feel that they look slightly whiter and also brighter too. Not only that, but I feel that this has made a difference to the cleanliness of my mouth and it’s even become quite a relaxing part of my morning routine. 

The verdict:

Overall, I’ve actually been extremely pleased with this product and would without a doubt be repurchasing this again.. and I’m not just saying that! I’ve wanted to try whitening my teeth for a long while now, but have held back due to not wanting to use chemical products. The fact that this is natural and has added health benefits from the oil pulling really appeals to me and personally, I think has had results both visible and internal. My teeth feel cleaner, fresher and in my opinion look whiter and brighter! Plus, it’s easy to do from home and is quite affordable for a product of the nature (I think so anyway). So would I recommend this and buy it again? Yes, definitely! 

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