Beetroot, mint & feta dip


Amidst all of these sweet treats and fancy cakes I’m creating on the blog lately, I like to add in a touch of savoury here and there to balance things out a little bit. Seeing as it’s summer and BBQ and buffet season is in full force, dips and side dishes like this are the perfect addition to a lunch or dinner spread. I love using beetroot in recipes at the moment, as I think it has a really lovely, slightly sweet flavour and an amazingly vibrant pink colour. Another great thing about this wonderful vegetable is that it works really well in both sweet and savoury dishes. The subtle sweetness creates and amazing contrast against the rich, slightly salty flavour of the feta cheese and the freshness of the mint just ties everything together and really enhances the flavours. 

This works really well served with crackers and vegetables cruidities, or even stirred into some rice or salad. It’s such an easy way to add an extra boost of flavour into your meal and really just to create something a little bit different from my regular meals. Plus, like I said earlier, the colour that the beetroot gives is just incredible and when mixed with other ingredients e.g. grains, it transfers this wonderful colour to the whole mixture, creating a rather pretty pink salad! 


I don’t know about you guys, but I’d say I’m a bit of a snacking fiend and that’s just how my body tends to function best. I usually eat around 6 smaller meals a day, rather than just having three main meals. I find that this really helps to keep my energy levels up and prevents any extreme hunger pangs throughout the day. Savoury snack ideas like this are great, as it’s an easy way to jazz up plain vegetables or chicken, whilst getting some extra vegetable goodness in there too! 





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