Chocolate frosted shortbread cookies

I’m so excited to share this cookie recipe with you as I think they’re going to be a winner! As soon as i’d finished photographing these, they were all demolished within the space of an afternoon. In fact, there was a whole box of these and another batch of gingerbread cookies and my boyfriend ate the entire lot of them! I guess that means that they tasted good, so I’m going to take that as a positive sign! Shortbread cookies always remind me of Christmas, as there was always a big box of those shortbread finger biscuits lying around.. those and those cheesy football crisp things! 

These aren’t your typical shortbread cookies however, these ones are completely vegan and made from cashews and buckwheat flour. Cashews are probably my favourite nut to use when it comes to baking and making raw sweet treats, as they have quite a naturally sweet flavour and also help to provide a really smooth texture to creams and cheesecakes. I’ve actually ground them into a flour to make these cookies, which I think helps to create that buttery texture that shortbread biscuits typically have. Another element that I’ve added in to make these a little more indulgent is the chocolate cashew frosting! This couldn’t be more simple to make but is SO delicious! Literally, I think you could spread it on pretty much anything and it would just be super tasty! Obviously this part is optional, but I think making them in the shape of snowflakes makes them that little bit more festive and they look really pretty too! 



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  1. Ioanna V.
    January 2, 2017 / 5:29 pm

    Such a great idea; indeed, a winner!! I offered them on Xmas family lunch, even my sister-in-law (very demanding and… kind of difficult to please, culinary-wise) was enthusiastic! Thank you, Charley!!

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