Cinnamon & cashew caramel slices

Yep, it’s yet another caramel shortbread recipe. But, this one is slightly more festive as it features a sweet cinnamon spiced caramel centre and a sprinkling of colourful toppings! When I think about it, I haven’t made caramel shortbreads in a little while, which is very unlike me. They are still a firm favourite of mine- both to make and of course to eat as well! They just have everything that I love all in one little slice. There’s shortbread biscuit, gooey caramel and crisp, rich raw chocolate.. yum! Plus, they’re a great thing to make for special events and times of year like Christmas, as they’re the perfect little bite sized portions for a spot of indulgent snacking and sharing with friends & family. They would also make a great addition to your buffet spread at a Christmas or new years party.. but I warn you, they might be all gone in a matter of minutes! 

Seeing as all of my recipes have heavily revolved around Christmas recently, I wanted to give these a little twist and jazz them up with a bit of festive spirit- so I’ve created a delicious cinnamon& cashew caramel centre. Cinnamon and all of those incredible winter spices are just the epitome of festive baking for me and I just love the smell and flavours! To make this caramel, I’ve actually used a honey and cinnamon flavoured cashew nut butter from a brand called Pip & Nut and combined that with my date caramel as I normally would with a regular nut butter. In case you haven’t tried any of the nut butters from this range, then I would highly recommend giving them a go, because they are all pretty delicious! I thought that this one would be the most festive.. and I’m absolutely obsessed with cashew nut butters! If you can’t get your hands on this one, you could always use use a plain cashew butter and add in some cinnamon when blending the caramel. 

I hope that you guys like this little twist on my usual caramel shortbreads and that you and your family enjoy them if you decide to give them ago! In case this is my last recipe post before Christmas, I hope that you all have the most amazing day and create the best memories with family and friends! 


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