Cinnamon, raisin & chocolate cookies


Happy December everyone! Today is day one of my Christmas countdown and the beginning of daily posts! For today we have a delicious chocolate, cinnamon and raisin cookie recipe! Made from a combination of almonds and gluten free flour, with rich flavours of cacao, a touch of cinnamon and gooey raisins and chocolate chips- these really are the ultimate festive treat! I hope that you guys are really going to enjoy all of these Christmas recipes coming up because I’ve absolutely loved making them, especially all of the baking ones! Baking for me is such a festive thing and really helps to get me into that Christmas spirit! 

I was never a huge fan of raisins and currants in the past, but since scoffing countless of my homemade mince pies last year, I’ve really grown to love them. Especially in baking, as they go wonderfully sweet and gooey when fresh out of the oven and give an amazing added texture to the cookie. Personally, I feel that that best cookies are the ones that have some sort of fruit, nut or chocolate chunks added in there.. it’s all about that texture! Cookies are probably one of my favourite treats, not just at Christmas, but for any time of year really. But, I do love baking that little bit more around this time of year, as it just makes me feel so festive and fills the kitchen with an amazing sweet, spiced aroma! 



Cookies are also a great thing to have on hand to share with guests and make a delicious sweet snack. I know exactly what I’ll be rusting up for Christmas day snacking now! During the Christmas period, there just seems to be snacks and sweet treats laying around pretty much everywhere, it truly is the time of indulgence and what better time to dig into to a chocolate cookie with chocolate chips in? That’s two lots of chocolate! 



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  1. Allison Holden
    January 5, 2017 / 4:09 pm

    Just discovered your website through receiving posts from ChocChick and you were mentioned. Your recipes look lovely.
    I know there is always one asking if alternative ingredients can be used or various other questions, so apologies!
    I am fortunate that generally I do not have to follow a gluten or wheat free or special diet and tolerate ordinary flour fine.Having always been interested in healthy eating and foods though I have used Buckwheat flour before and it doesnt seem to agree with my stomach which seems surprising, Possibly it could be I guess more fibrous? I have the same trouble with Bran of any kind. What flour can I substitute for these cookies please


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