Coconut filled raweos & chocolate hemp milk


These little coconut filled chocolate cookies are inspired by one of the most popular biscuits that many people know and love: Oreos. The classic Oreo cookie consists of a small chocolate sandwich biscuit, filled with a sweet creamy centre. Seeing as they’re so popular, I wanted to try and recreate my own version, but as usual, with a slightly different twist to them. Rather than baking the biscuits, I’ve actually chosen to keep this entire recipe raw, which means there’s absolutely no cooking involved here! 



Another twist that I’ve added to this recipe is the filling. Now, you all know that I’m a huge coconut lover, so I thought, what better way to get some delicious coconutty goodness in there than with a creamy maple coconut cream filling? I’m not exaggerating when I say that this stuff is seriously, seriously tasty.. I could probably just eat it on its own straight out of the mixing bowl! 

This is a slightly special recipe post, as it’s actually two recipes in one. I mean, I couldn’t exactly serve up cream cookies without some chocolate milk now could I? I’ve made a few different variations of nut milk a couple of times before, but hadn’t ever really thought about trying it out using hemp seeds. For that matter, I don’t think i’d ever even tried hemp milk before either.. so had absolutely no idea what this was going to taste like. To my great surprise, hemp seeds actually produce a really creamy plant milk and it’s just so quick and simple to make as well! You can just serve this as it is, but I wanted to get a little more fancy by flavouring mine with some delicious cacao powder and a few dates for sweetness.. what a treat! I think that after this little recipe experimentation I’m going to start including hemp seeds in a few more recipes as they give a really delicious hint of nutty flavour in a dish and are also a great source of nutrients such as healthy fats and plant based protein. 

Right, onto these cookies and what you’re going to need to make some for yourself..






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