Creamy vanilla protein smoothie


This smoothie is literally the most heavenly sweet and creamy protein shake and just takes so incredibly delicious. Smoothies are such a great way to get in a nutritious snack or meal, without having to spend ages preparing food or even having to cook anything. They’re also the perfect thing to take with you, if you need something to grab and enjoy on the go. 

I’ve been really into using plant based protein powders in my recipes lately, as they’re a really quick and easy way to increase the protein content of my meal and can also taste quite nice too, if you find a good one. I tend to play it safe and opt for either a vanilla, unflavoured or chocolate.. but there are so many different flavour variations out there, we’re spoilt for choice! I’m not really a huge fan of using them on their own as a protein shake and would much prefer to include them in a smoothie or stirred into porridge- if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen my countless images of breakfast zoats! 



One of the great thing about smoothies, is that you can literally cram in a whole range of nutritious ingredients and I like to try and make sure that when I can, I’m keeping my smoothies nice and balanced with some good carbs, protein and healthy fats. I then look to add in a few little extras such as; superfood powders. To really create that sweet and creamy flavour, I’ve used a combination of banana, cashew butter, the vanilla protein and coconut milk. All of these flavours work really well together to form a beautifully harmonious and indulgent sweet tasting smoothie without having to add any additional sweeteners! I’ve also added in some maca powder here as my superfood of choice, which gives a slightly malty, caramel like taste and is probably one of my favourite superfoods. Firstly, I do really like the taste and think it’s so delicious in things like smoothies and porridge especially! Also, I think it has really good nutritional health benefits and is meant to be naturally energising, so a great thing to include into my morning smoothie or zoats!




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