Crispy maple roasted brussel sprouts

So all of the recipes for my Christmas Countdown have been sweet treats so far, just like the majority of the recipes on the blog.. what can I say, I just love making cakes! But these brussel sprouts are no ordinary bland boiled veggie dish. I know that brussels aren’t typically people’s favourite part of the roast dinner (personally I actually like them), but I reckon these ones will help you to learn to love the good ol’ sprout! 

Typically, I think people tend to either boil or steam sprouts, which doesn’t really leave them tasting very flavourful at all! Instead, I’ve roasted them in this dish and paired them with some delicious sweet and crispy red onions and a generous drizzle of maple syrup for a hint of sweetness! Although maple syrup is portrayed as a healthier sugar alternative and is a natural sweetener, I wouldn’t normally drizzle my veggies in it on the daily basis! However, it is Christmas and the perfect time to treat yourself to something more special! 

The roasted red onions add a deliciously crunchy texture and also subtle hint of sweetness. Red onions and garlic two of my favourite ingredients for really adding a tonne of flavour to savoury dishes and roasting them helps to enhance all of these incredible flavours! Another one of my favourite ingredients recently has also made yet another appearance here.. pomegranates! I love pomegranates at pretty much any time of year in virtually any type of dish too! But I think they work especially well in savoury veggie dishes to add an extra pop of colour and burst of fruity flavour! Their vibrant colour is also great for this time of year and looks really bright and seasonal like little sparkling gems! So actually, a bland dish of boiled sprouts has had a serious make over and bland is probably the last word I’d use to describe it here! 


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