Easy peasy banana & coconut pancakes



Pancakes are such a wonderful weekend breakfast.. and really not as complicated to make as I once thought. Saying that, this recipe is so simple, that it doesn’t just have to be reserved for when you’re feeling fancy on the weekend or a special occasion, you could probably find the time to make it every day if you so wished! Well, I guess that depends on how you prioritise your time in the morning.. I mean, if the choice was between pancakes and brushing my hair, let’s just say I would probably be having an up-do that day. Actually though, I could always get dressed, apply makeup and brush my hair in between cooking batches of pancakes? Hmm.. probably not important right now! You guys want to know about the recipe, not my morning habits.. 


As I was saying.. when I’d watch my mum whip up some pancakes for a special dessert or on pancake day, I was pretty baffled as to how she could make them with such ease and presumed they’re be just as complicated as baking a cake (to some this might be easy, but for me baking is a real challenge!) However, I now think that I probably couldn’t have been more wrong, especially in the case of these pancakes as they contain only 5 ingredients.. and are absolutely delicious! 


If you haven’t tried adding banana into your pancakes, then I would definitely recommend that you give it a try! It adds an amazing natural sweetness, as well as keeping the pancakes nice an soft in texture. Seeing as I love everything coconut, I decided to jazz these up a little and stir some desiccated coconut through the mixture, which adds a nice little bit of chewy crunchiness to them, as well as subtle hints of coconut.. yum! My favouring pairings for these is my homemade summer berry jam (which is my new favourite thing ever!) and lots of gorgeous fresh berries! 





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