Eating out in London- The Detox Kitchen


Okay, so today’s healthy eatery review is somewhere that I’ve visited a few times now and have been itching to share with you guys on here for a while. If you spend a lot of time browsing the healthy social media scene like myself, then you’ll probably already be familiar with The Detox Kitchen. The Detox kitchen was founded by Lily Simpson; who has also released a cook book called The Detox Kitchen Bible. There are currently two delis in London: Kingly Court and Fitzroy Place, which offer a mouthwatering selection of salads, healthy desserts, nut milks, fresh juices, smoothies and more! It’s a great place to visit for a grab and go lunch for busy working people and still be able to enjoy something delicious and nourishing.


Whether you’re looking to have a leisurely lunch with a friend or are in a hurry to grab something on the go, the bright and airy feel of The Detox Kitchen is perfect for these occasions. It’s extremely popular with people working in London, so there’s usually a great buzz and energy in there around lunch time- which I actually really like.

The Food

One of the things that I like most about this place is the variety of options that they have on offer. You can select from a range of fresh salads in a buffet style fashion, as well as breakfast options and also pre-packed dishes like tasty bean salads and prawns with courgetti. Of course, they also have a selection of heavenly healthy-er dessert options such as: black bean brownies, energy balls and raw cheesecakes. If you fancy something lighter, they have a fresh juice and smoothie bar. Not only do they sell their own products, but you can also find exciting brands there such as: Qnola and The Hardihood.


It can sometimes be hard to stay on track with a healthy diet when eating out, especially if you’re on a macro tracked food program, but not at The Detox Kitchen. Their salads in the Grab and go section have the macros and calorie information included, so you can see exactly what you’re eating and easily make healthy choices. They have higher and lower carb options, as well as vegan and vegetarian meals too.


Not only can you visit the delis and buy food, but they also offer a delivery service where you can purchase different nutritional food packages depending on your goals and lifestyle. If you’re a particularly busy person or are working towards a certain goal, then these could be an excellent option, as everything is ready and prepped for you to help you stay on track.

I hope that you liked this little review and it inspired you to maybe try something new, if you haven’t already checked out The Detox Kitchen. If you have any other recommendations for healthy spots to eat around London, they I would love to hear about them as I’m always searching for new places to try!



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