Eating out in London: The Mae Deli


A visit to the Mae Deli has been on my list of places to visit ever since it opened, so I’m extremely keen to share my thoughts with you! In case you don’t already know, The Mae Deli is owned by the amazing food blogger and queen of healthy eating: Deliciously Ella and her fiancee. After following Ella on social media and reading her blog, I was so excited to hear that she was going to be opening a deli where we would be able to try her delicious food! I’m such a foodie and love trying new places and I just knew that the food here would be right up my street!


Ella’s food is mainly plant-based, however the deli does also offer chicken and salmon as an extra. They have a colourful range of cold pressed juices and nut milks available, as well as breakfast dishes, salads, curry and of course.. desserts!

Where: The deli is set in a lovely peaceful location In Marylebone, about a 10-15 minute walk from the station. The decor in the deli is beautifully simple and the tranquil atmosphere makes it the perfect place to enjoy a quiet drink, lunch with friends or catch up on some work.


Food: The deli offers both a lunch and breakfast menu, as well as fresh cold pressed juices, hot drinks and a bountiful display of healthy desserts. The lunch menu is wonderful as it allows you to select either a hot, cold or mixed bowl and fill it with 4 dishes of your choice. There are lots of delicious fresh salads, sweet potato wedges, dips and hearty warming dishes like curry and ratatouille. You can also add salmon or chicken on the side if you would like. Now, onto the stuff you’ve probably been waiting to hear about.. the desserts! There are energy bites, banana breakfast bars, mango flapjacks and not forgetting, BROWNIES! All of which are free from dairy and refined sugars and they look absolutely mouthwatering!


When: I would say a trip to The Mae Deli is perfect for any time of day and occasion really. As they offer breakfast, mains, hot drinks and desserts, you could pop in for pretty much any of your daily food needs. Whether picking up some snacks and juice on the go, or enjoying a relaxing sit down meal, this place makes healthy eating a truly enjoyable experience.


Pricing: Something that I find can often put people off when it comes to eating healthy is the concept that it is a little on the pricy side. I know opinions may differ on this one, but I really don’t think that this is the case with The Mae Deli. I must say, I was very pleasantly surprised with the pricing and definitely think it’s worth the money. I think pricing is quite important when it comes to things like this because if healthy eating is more affordable, this can help to make it accessible to more people.

What: So, after my trip, what would I recommend trying? Well, a lot of this will come down to personal taste and preference but I would definitely recommend getting your hands on some of the maple sweet potato wedges and ratatouille for the mains- these were both just so delicious! For the desserts, I would have to go with the pecan brownie (no surprises there then). It was everything a brownie should be: chocolatey, fudgey, gooey but not too sweet.. just perfect! Just describing this to you now is making me wish that I had an endless supply of these right in front of me!


I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about my thoughts on one of London’s new healthy eating gems and that if you visit, you’ll enjoy this place as much as I did!


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