Flourless peanut butter cookies


Cookies are my ultimate weakness and these ones are probably the closest that I’ve created to tasting like an actual cookie. First of all, they’re made predominantly from peanut butter.. aka one of the most delicious things to ever be created. Secondly, I have then proceeded to drizzle them in raw chocolate; so that’s a chocolate, peanut butter, cookie combination right there. Perfection.



Like I said, the main ingredient in here is peanut butter, which helps to bind everything together and kind of acts as a butter replacement. To add a touch of sweetness, I’ve used coconut sugar which is one of my current favourite sugar substitutes. A lot of natural sweeteners that I use are in liquid form, so this is nice to be able to use something similar to granulated sugar. It also has the most incredible fruity, caramel like sweetness to it.. and is made from coconuts, how incredible is that? These cookies are also completely flourless, hence the title so are probably a little lower in carbohydrates (not that carbs are a bad thing AT ALL.. they’re delicious!) than the average cookie and are gluten free! 

The chocolate element was a bit of a last minute impulse decision that I’m pretty glad I made. After all, adding chocolate to peanut butter can surely only be a positive thing, right? You could always melt down some chocolate for this part, by I like to make my own simple little coconut oil chocolate mix. FYI, this isn’t just delicious on cookies.. you could drizzle it over cakes, dip fruit kebabs into it.. there are so many chocolatey possibilities! 

















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