Gooey cashew and vanilla frosted blondies


I’ve been wanted to make blondies for absolutely ages, as every time I see a picture of one in a magazine or on Pinterest, they just look so delicious that I wish I could reach out and grab one from the photo! Funnily enough, I don’t actually think I’d ever eaten a blondie before these, I just really liked the whole concept of them.. but didn’t really know what they would taste like! In case you’re in the same position as me, they basically have the texture and appearance of a brownie.. but have more of a sweet, caramel like flavour as opposed to chocolate. Well, that’s how I would describe these ones anyway. 

I know there’s a divided opinion when it comes to things like brownies and chocolate cakes; some people like them slightly on the denser and cakey side, whilst others prefer a really moist and gooey consistency. Like it says in the name, these are really gooey, fudgey blondies and are made even more sweet and indulgent with a layer of creamy vanilla and cashew frosting on top! These are probably one of the sweeter treats that I’ve made so far, so would be a great option if you’re someone with a pretty sweet tooth! But, they’re still completely refined sugar free and are sweetened with a combination of coconut sugar and maple syrup. The coconut sugar has such a delicious caramel like flavour which works really well in these and pairs beautifully with the smooth, sweet flavours from the vanilla and cashew butter. These are also completely gluten free, as I’ve opted for a combination of ground almonds and brown rice rice in place of ordinary flour. Using ground almonds in baking also helps to create that really moist consistency and stop the cake from becoming too dry and dense. Almonds are also a good source of plant based protein, healthy fats and vitamin E. 



You may have noticed this from some of my previous posts, but when I’m talking about desserts, I often like to take a bit of time to talk specifically about the frosting. Well, in this case I think that couldn’t be more appropriate as this one is pretty special. It’s sweet, but not overpoweringly so and has the most incredible undertones from the pairing of vanilla and maple syrup. Normally lots of cake frostings would contain things like cream or cream cheese to create that whipped, smooth consistency; however this version is completely dairy free and that creaminess comes from a combination of cashew butter and coconut milk. This stuff is seriously so good, I wouldn’t be too surprised if half of it doesn’t actually make it onto the cakes when you’re decorating them! 




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