Honey & hazelnut gingerbread cookies

When I was brainstorming a few recipe ideas, I was amazed to discover that I hadn’t yet made gingerbread men this year?! I mean, what is going on there? When you think of Christmas treats, are gingerbreads not one of the first things that come to mind?! Well, obviously that had to be corrected right away! I did share a gingerbread cookie recipe last year- they were almond and raisin gingerbread men to be precise and you can get the recipe for them here. I’m not sure which ones I think I prefer.. I like them both.. and if you make them both, you’ll have a little gingerbread family. Well.. you’ll have some gingerbread men and reindeers haha! If I have time (something I really don’t have) I want to try and make a little gingerbread house because that’s something that my brother and I would always do with my mum each Christmas and it’s just so much fun! Even as an adult, I have no doubt in my mind that it’s something I’m going to love each and every minute of! 

As you probably know by now, one of my favourite things to do when creating recipes, is to give them a little twist to make something slightly different from your classic recipes. I’d love to say that these are usually well planned and thought out, however, in actual fact it’s usually just based on what I can find when I rummage around in my bottomless food cupboard. This time is was raw honey and hazelnuts. I never used to be a big fan of the flavour of honey, but recently I’ve been trying out a few different brands and I love this raw honey from a brand called Raw Health. It also comes in a handy squeezy tube! The addition of the honey and hazelnuts gives the cookies an amazing light sweetness, with a nice bit of added crunch and hints of hazelnutty flavours. 

Obviously you don’t have to make these in the shape of reindeers; you could do gingerbread men, snowflakes, christmas trees or just regular round cookies. But you can’t deny it, how cute are these little reindeer cookies?! My mum got a bit over excited this year and bought me a whole selection of different festive cookie cutters, including an adorable little set of reindeers and I am just obsessed with them! To finish off the cookies, I’ve simply melted down a little raw chocolate and drizzled it roughly over the cookies, but you could always make some cashew frosting and decorate them a little more artistically than I’ve done here. 


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