Mince pie crumbles


It wouldn’t be a Christmas recipe series without a mince pie recipe now would it? Surprisingly, I actually used to hate mince pies up until last year when I starting making my own ones. I liked the pastry, it was just the mince meat filling that I was never too keen on. So I guess I was one of those annoying kids who’d sit and pick at all of the pastry and leave the gooey fruity filling for my mum to eat.. how appetising! These mince pies are a little different from your traditional ones, as they have a crumble topping- which, in my opinion just adds a whole other dimension of deliciousness to them! I adore crumbles and pastries, so combining the two makes these the ultimate festive treats! 


Having a crumble topping also makes them a little bit faster and less fiddly to make, as it means you don’t have to spend time cutting out shapes like stars for the top of the pies. I also didn’t even use any pastry cases or cupcake tray for this recipe (mainly due to the fact that I’ve recently moved and don’t actually have one here).. but never the less, these are pretty fuss free and have turned out rather well in my opinion! To make the ‘pie’ base part of the mince pies, I simply created a cookie shape with the dough and just brought the edges up slightly to create a little casing for the mince meat to sit in. I then used the left over mixture (that I hadn’t rolled together to create the dough) to create a simple crumble layer on top! It’s so simple and just adds a little bit of variation from your usual mince pies! 

I’ve actually used a pre-made mince pie filling for these from one of my favourite brands Meridian Foods, but you could make your own if you wanted to. I like this particular one, as it’s organic and made from all natural ingredients. You probably know by now that I’m a huge fan of pretty much all of the Meridian products and use them in virtually all of my recipes, so was overjoyed when I realised that they made mince pie fillings! I think it’s fairly easy to get hold of as well, I know they sell them in my local health store (well.. the one back home where I used to live) and I should imagine that you could pick them up from Wholefoods if you live in London. 

These are the perfect thing to serve to guests if you’re having people over for Christmas drinks or hosting a party. Or maybe if you just fancy a little sweet treat after dinner to accompany a nice cup of almond milk hot chocolate.. aka my favourite drink ever! If you make these, I would love to know what you think and I always love seeing your photos of them on social media! 




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