Pecan toffee slices


Just saying the name of these is making me crave a slice of this right now! Everything about it just sounds like something that I’d want to eat! Pecans.. love them. Toffee.. love that too! Pecan pie style desserts are also really rather appropriate around this time of year I feel, so what better time than to share this recipe with you? All of the delicious spices and rich nutty flavours have such a wintery feel and make me feel so festive! In my personal opinion, I think these might be even more delicious than the pecan pies that I rustled up a little while back.. because not only do they have an amazingly gooey toffee pecan layer, but also a shortbread style base.. and we all know how much I love caramel shortbreads! Biscuits were always one of my ultimate favourite treats and shortbreads definitely take the top spot for me! They’re sweet, but not too sweet and have that incredible buttery, crumbly texture to them. Yum! 


These are a great thing to make ahead, so that you’ll always have a delicious little stash of treats in the freezer for when you fancy tucking into something sweet after dinner, or for a little mid-afternoon snack. They’d also be perfect to serve to friends or even to take with you to a dinner party. After all, party season is rapidly approaching and there’s often times when you get stuck for ideas of what to take for your contribution to the dinner table.. well now here’s you answer! I reckon the other guests will be pretty surprised when they find out exactly what these little beauties are made of AND just how easy they are to make too! Whenever I make some sort of caramel shortbread variation, one of the main questions people ask me is how long they took me to prepare and whether it was complicated. I’m now being completely honest with you in saying, that desserts like this are actually one of the simplest things for me to make. Raw brownies and energy bites aside, these probably require the least  prep work, time and effort out of most of my kitchen creations and they’re definitely up there with some of the tastiest ones! 

Now that I’m writing this and oogling at the photos of these, I’m really wishing that I had some left over in my fridge or freezer for a spot of late night Saturday snacking.. but sadly that is very rarely the case when my boyfriends around! Desserts barely last 24 hours after they’re made in this household! On the positive side, I always have an experienced taste tester on hand and I guess I should take their rapid disappearance as positive feedback! 





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