Raw chocolate and pomegranate cheesecakes



I think I’m going to have to dedicate this recipe to my mum, as she played the role of official taste tester for these and was the first person to try them out! As she’s my mum, she might be a little bit biased, but she absolutely loved them and they’re one of her favourites out of my cakey creations so far! But to be honest, I make so many different things that this often changes quite frequently! 

These are on the slightly more complex side of things in comparison to some of my other recipes, as there are a fair few ingredients and stages involved in the recipe, but I think it’s definitely worth it for the end result! I was in the mood to make something chocolatey and it was during the phase of my cheesecake obsession, so the decision to create a chocolate cheesecake was not a difficult one. I’m not exactly sure what inspired me to add the fruit in there, but I think it’s give it a nice little twist and the fresh bursts of flavour from the raspberries and pomegranate create an amazing contrast against the creamy, rich chocolate filling! And, after all.. chocolate and berries is always a winning combination! 



I’ve started to make more cheesecake bars, as opposed to whole cheesecakes because I find this way I don’t have to make an ginormous cake every time, as this can take up an awful lot of space in the fridge/freezer and won’t necessarily always get eaten (although, now my boyfriends around more, this isn’t really as much of an issue!). Also, I think the bars look rather pretty and you can decorate them individually and drizzle chocolate down the sides and all of that jazz! These are a great thing to make if you’ve got guests coming over for dinner or maybe even for a date night, if you want to impress with a slightly more fancy dessert. I know this is totally the wrong time of year, but I think these would be just the thing to serve for a valentines dessert option too.. especially with the cute little heart chocolates! 







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