Raw chocolate, hazelnut & caramel cheesecake


First of all I want to apologise to you all for the lack of posts on here and on my social media accounts! I have mentioned this briefly on Instagram, but I have recently moved house and therefore have had about 101 different things to sort out and fit into my schedule! So things have just been pretty crazy lately. I also think it’s safe to say, that I haven’t been nearly as organised as I should have been and don’t have lots of recipes pre-prepared ready to post on the blog for you guys. The most recent thing that I made before the move was this raw chocolate hazelnut caramel cheesecake, which was actually a birthday cake for someone. 


You’ll probably already know this by now, but I LOVE making raw cheesecakes, so naturally, jumped at the chance when I was asked to create one for a birthday celebration. I really enjoy making cakes for special occasions and celebrations because it’s an opportunity to get really creative and come up with something a little more fancy and extravegant! This cake was inspired by the flavours of chocolate hazelnut truffles and starts of with a crunchy biscuit like base with hints of hazelnut running through it, topped with a deliciously sweet date caramel and then finally a really creamy chocolate hazelnut cheesecake layer. Oh, and how could I forget all of that chocolate bark on top! This cake was actually made as a birthday cake for someone I know and they’ve always loved the raw chocolate bark that I made, so I wanted to think of a way that i could incorporate this into a cake. Of course, you can always leave this part out if you want to, but I think it adds a little extra special touch.. and just means more chocolate really, yum! 




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