Raw date and coconut cookies


The idea for these raw date and coconut cookies actually came after someone requested me to make some, so I hope that I’ve done them proud! These are another really simple, yet delicious little treat, made from a selection of natural and wholesome ingredients. On their own these ingredients seem pretty plain and not really all that exciting, but when put together, they create an incredibly sweet, slightly chewy and completely delicious cookie! 


Coconut is one of my all time favourite flavours (nothing new there then) and when combined with the amazing sweet, gooeyness of the dates, it creates an incredibly indulgent tasting treat.. but there’s no nasty additives or highly processed ingredients involved! I love making simple raw desserts like this,  that are basically a bunch of different ingredients all smooshed together (yep, I just used the word smooshed!) My main reason for liking things like this is that; you know exactly what’s going in there and they really do have that natural, home made kind of feel to them. Also, seeing as they’re raw, you can test the mixture as you’re making them, to insure that the flavours and textures are perfectly suited to your likings! Although, this can sometimes be a little dangerous, as it’s highly tempting to sit and eat the mixture before actually shaping them into some sort of cookie! I still think it’s pretty cool how you can whip up such gloriously sweet dessert from a selection of such simple ingredients (am I the only one who thinks this? haha.)

This bit is of course optional, but I’ve also added a gorgeous drizzle or raw chocolate over the top because.. well chocolately biscuits were always my favourites and raw chocolate is always a good idea right?! I also think it makes them look that little bit extra special, if you were wanting to serve them to guests or on a party spread. Seeing as it’s now the summer holidays, these could also be a fun thing to make with children, to get them more involved in the kitchen and perhaps encourage them to try some healthier dessert options too! 





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