Raw red velvet cheesecake- The blog birthday cake


Right, so this is a bit of a special post as this is not just any ordinary cake! I recently reached 10 thousand followers on Instagram and celebrated my blogs first birthday- well, I kinda forgot my blogs birthday, so I thought that I would make a date for it and just celebrate it then from now on! I wanted to make something different from my usual recipes and create a truly special cake and something that’s a little bit fancier and more extravagant! Red velvet cake strikes me as being perfect for a celebratory occasion, first of all because it looks absolutely stunning! That contrast between the vibrant red colour and creamy white frosting is particularly eye catching and it always amazed me how you could get a cake that was such an incredible colour.. and in this case, it’s completely natural as well! 

That gorgeous colour actually comes from a little secret ingredient: beetroot. Yep, I’ve put vegetables in this cake! Don’t let that put you off though, you honestly can’t even taste it’s in there, so it doesn’t taste like some weird, slightly chocolatey cake with hints of beetroot in it! I haven’t actually eaten much red velvet cake in my time, so wasn’t entirely sure what flavour the cakes are. Fortunately, my boyfriend is an absolute addict, so as per usual, he played chief taste tester on this occasion and according to him, the flavour is pretty spot on. So I’ll take that as a good sign, coming from someone who has eaten a serious amount of red velvet cake in their time!  



I think that this would be a great cake to make for a birthday party or special occasion because it does look that little bit more fancy and is definitely a special treat. I know that lots of these raw desserts and cheesecakes in particular, can actually turn out to be rather expensive to make, as they usually require a pretty large amount of cashew nuts and various other ingredients that are not always cheap. So I like to save things like this for when I want to create something for a certain event.. like a blog birthday for example! the recipe does create a pretty decent sized cake as well, so it’s something that should feed a fair few people. However, in my case it’s just fed one person numerous times.. my boyfriend! 






  1. September 22, 2016 / 9:54 pm

    Looks soo amazing!!! <3

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