Raw white chocolate and coconut cups


The sweet flavours of white chocolate and coconut are pretty much a match made in heaven, am I right? This stunning flavour combination, not only looks incredible in virtually any cake or dessert, but also tastes absolutely divine.. and these are really no exception! Creating a healthier version of white chocolate has proved to be a little more of a challenge for me in comparison to making ordinary raw chocolate treats! I’ve managed to make a few different variations in the past, however I’ve never been completely satisfied with the recipe, so never got round to posting one on here. These ones aren’t your classic white chocolates, but have slightly more of a creamy, fudge like texture that just melts in the mouth. They make for the perfect after dinner dessert, for those times where you’re fancying something a little sweet after a meal, but don’t really feel like a full blown dessert. They’d also be a great little treat to serve alongside some afternoon tea, if you really wanted to impress your guests! I actually love making chocolates and would possibly go as far as saying that they’re one of my up most favourite things to experiment with in the kitchen! I mean, there are just so many different flavour possibilities out there to play around with.. and, well, chocolate is of course delicious! But seriously, the variations and types of chocolate that you can create are pretty much endless and a basic raw chocolate only really requires a few staple ingredients. After that you can add whatever you like/have lying around the kitchen to give it your own little personal twist. 


To try and recreate the signature sweet and creamy taste of white chocolate, I’ve used a combination of cacao butter, cashew butter and maple syrup to sweeten. There’s also a touch of desiccated coconut added in there for that gorgeous hint of coconutty flavour and a nice bit of crunch, but other than that, that’s it.. 4 ingredients! Granted, they’re not all the most common of ingredients that can be found on the shelves of your local supermarket; but in my personal opinion, I don’t mind paying a little bit more or hunting down a health store to find ingredients like this, as I love knowing what’s going into my food and that I can enjoy a tasty treat knowing exactly what’s gone in there. There are now loads of fantastic online health stores as well, where you can find a whole range of health supplies and baking ingredients; so if you don’t have a shop near you, then this could be an easier option for you. 






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