Salt and pepper squid with pineapple salsa


Seeing as I’m currently preparing for something fitness wise, I’ve had to make a few changes to my meals and follow a carb cycling program. This has been a really interesting experience for me and rather than being really restrictive, I’ve actually never felt better and feel that it’s really helped to engage me with my body and discover how different foods make me feel. Paying closer attention to my macronutrients has helped me to become a lot more in tune with what fuels my body best and I now feel more able to realise when my body is actually hungry and what it needs. This particular recipe would make a great starter or side dish.. or even a main if you bulked it up with some more veggies or carbs (if I was having this pre or post workout) and was inspired by my recent trip to Asia. 


One of the best things about the food in Asia was the abundance of fresh produce, fruit in particular and being able to go to little markets and shops to get your groceries. I was able to try lots of different and exotic fruits and vegetables (if anyone knows where we can get Japanese sweet potatoes in England then please let me know!). They also had lots of fresh fish counters where we were able to buy locally caught fish and seafood and one of the first dishes that I made was a squid stirfry. I’ve always loved seafood, squid in particular and this salt and pepper squid recipe has got to be one of my favourite ways to serve it. It’s really simple, yet absolutely packed with flavour and you get a great kick from the pepper. Lots of squid dishes that I’ve had in restaurants can be a little greasy and covered in lots of batter, where as this is a slightly lighter option and the salsa keeps it really fresh and summery. 






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