Summer melon smoothie bowl


This smoothie bowl is literally one of my all time favourite smoothie creations that I’ve ever made, no exaggeration. It’s also probably one of the most unique tasting smoothies I’ve had, but I think that’s a good thing. Melon is so sweet and refreshing, so makes the perfect addition to a cooling summer time smoothie bowl. The combination of the melon, banana and cashews is such a simple one, yet somehow manages to create the most creamy and delicious mixture that I just can’t get enough of!



Smoothie bowls are a great way to start the day during the warmer months and you can get all fancy and customise them like you would with oatmeal. I would typically add protein into my porridge or smoothy bowls as this is something that I always try and insure to start my day with. You can then also add whatever toppings your heart desires such as: berries, coconut, granola, seeds, nut butter.. whatever you fancy really! This also makes a perfect dessert or snack option if you fancy something sweet, but without lots of processed sugars. I actually find it hard to believe that there’s no added sugars in here what so ever because of how sweet and indulgent it tastes, but every last bit of that sweetness comes from fresh fruit! Cashews may seem like a bit of a strange thing to add into a fruity smoothy, but they help to create a really creamy texture and add some good healthy fats and protein in there too. 






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