Sweet potato frosted chocolate cake


The concept of putting vegetables into a cake might seem a little bit of a strange one, but I think it’s a pretty epic idea to be honest. If it means that you get to eat cake, whilst getting in some veggies at the same time, then that’s surely got to be a good thing right? Vegetables like pumpkin, squash and sweet potatoes are actually great things to include in baking, as they help to bind everything together and also provide moisture without having to add oil or butter. Personally, I also love the flavour of sweet potatoes and find that using them in a cake helps to add a nice extra subtle hint of sweetness and also create a really delicious fudgey texture.


As for the icing, that’s also made predominantly from vegetables too! I’ve blended a combination of sweet potato and butternut squash with some creamy coconut milk and cashew nuts to create a dairy free buttercream style icing with an added hint of festive spices. One thing that I absolutely love about this time of year is all of the warming flavours and spices- it just gets me so excited for Christmas! Cinnamon and ginger are an amazing spice combination and taste incredible in desserts like cakes and cookies! I LOVE baking batches of ginger and raisin cookies to snack on whilst watching Christmas films on the sofa! One thing that I don’t think I’d ever tried before was the combination of gingerbread spices and chocolate. I mean, they’re both two flavours that I love, so why not? To my great pleasure, they actually work together really well and compliment the flavours of the buttercream beautifully! The cake itself has a soft, fudgey consistency.. a little bit like a giant chocolate brownie! It’s also completely vegan, as I haven’t used any eggs in this recipe. When I’ve made vegan cakes before, I usually use either a flax or chia egg as a replacement, however with these the sweet potato and date mixture does a great job of binding everything together, whilst adding incredible flavour! 






  1. November 1, 2016 / 12:15 pm

    I am obsessed with sweet potatoes and when I saw you posted this on your Instagram account I just had to come here to check it out! It looks amazing and has all the beautiful ingredients I love. Definitely going on my ‘to do’ list! We have very similar approach to eating healthy and creating healthier versions of indulgent treats so I’m very happy I found your blog! 🙂

    • November 1, 2016 / 12:23 pm

      Same! they’re so good aren’t they?! Hope you enjoy it!

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