Vegan banana bread blondies


I’ve been getting quite into baking recently.. maybe it’s all of the watching of the Great British Bake Off that’s getting me into the spirit of things and those creative juices flowing. Another thing that I’ve been pretty keen on lately.. is making blondies. In fact, these are actually the second lot of baked ones that I’ve posted onto the blog, as well as a raw version too; so if you like this recipe and are a fan of blondies, then you might want to check out my previous two recipes as well! I didn’t actually plan for these to be blondies as such when I was initially making them. Like most of my recipes lately, I had some ingredients that I wanted to use up (in this case it was a very over- ripe banana) and just ended up throwing various bits and bobs into a mixing bowl and coming up with this! 


Not only are these delicious, refined sugar and also gluten free.. but they also happen to be vegan as well. I’d actually run out of eggs at the time, so decided to try out my vegan baking skills once more and I’m so happy with the result. They have just the right texture; with a crisp outer layer, incasing a thick, fudgey, sweet, caramel like centre. A little bit like a banana bread, but with less banana.. and not a bread! Using the banana helps to keep these really moist and gooey, as they provide extra moisture in baking and also a divine hint of natural sweetness. When using things like bananas to sub for other ingredients, I find that I don’t need to use a large quantities of oil and sweeteners, which therefore helps to make the cakes a little bit healthier as well. 

Seeing as these got such positive feedback from people, I decided that they’re one of the recipes that I’m planning on using for the Macmillan Coffee morning that I participate in every year with my local health store. I think they’re the perfect sweet treat for just an occasion, as they’re pretty fuss free and easy for people to nibble on along side a cup of tea or coffee. I find that little bite-sized snacks and cakes work perfectly at cake sales, coffee morning and on party spreads; so if you’ve got any events coming up, then this could be just the recipe for you. You could also jazz up the recipe a little bit and add some sort of cream or frosting to decorate them too if you so desire. I think a creamy vanilla and cashew frosting would be an absolute dream with these! Might have to give that one a go next time round.. or maybe some chocolate, mmm! 





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