Acai & orange chia pudding

Happy New year everyone! I can’t believe how quickly 2016 has flown by, it feels like only yesterday that we were celebrating Christmas and New Years in 2015! This year has been absolutely incredible for me and I hope that it was for you too! I’ve kicked off the new year to a great start by enjoying a delicious breakfast back at home with my mum and cooking up a good ol’ roast dinner for lunch, which we will be tucking into after a nice little walk into town. (I have now been on said walk and it was extremely cold and rainy might I add. However we did stop for coffee soo.. I would say that’s a successful trip!) I wanted to get the new year started as I mean to go on and share a tasty breakfast recipe with you all, ready for back to work next week! Chia puddings are a great breakfast or even snack, to prep if you don’t have a lot of time in the morning and you can also take them out and about on the go with you. They’re really quick and easy to make and don’t even require any cooking.. so no washing up pots and pans either!

Chia seeds are really high in fibre and healthy fats, so personally, I feel like this helps to keep me feeling fuller for longer- but I guess that’s different for everyone! You can do so many different things with these incredible little seeds, and when mixed with liquid, they absorb the moisture to create a jelly like mixture. At first I was a little scepetical, as the texture is unlike anything else I’ve ever eaten before, but it soon grew on me and I became slightly hooked! To give the dish a little bit of added sweetness and also create a creamier texture, I’ve mixed in some mashed banana instead of using any added sweeteners. I love using fruit as a natural sweetener, as I find it gives a really delicious and slightly more subtle hint of sweetness, as well as adding some extra vitamins and nutrients in there too! 

This is also a vegan friendly recipe, so would be ideal if you’re participating in veganuary. I’m not actually doing this myself this year, but I do want to make more of an active effort to include more vegan meals into my daily routine. Every little step makes a difference, even if it’s only small things! I actually find breakfast options to be one of the easiest meals when it comes to creating vegan recipes.. and protein oats are one of my ultimate go-to breakfast dishes! (You will know this if you follow me on Instagram!) If you wanted to add a little extra protein to the chia pud; you could always try mixing in a little bit of plant based protein powder, or perhaps adding a dollop of almond butter on top! 


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