Matcha and coconut chia overnight oats

I’ve recently collaborated with the amazing people at Well + Happy to bring you some incredibly delicious recipes featuring their amazing raw chocolate bars. I would probably consider myself as a bit of a self-proclaimed raw chocolate expert.. purely because I’ve eaten so much of the stuff over the past couple of years haha! Upon first trying all of these raw treats like chocolates, raw cheesecakes and energy balls, I think I was a lot less fussy and seemed to be pretty impressed with the majority of the treats I tried. However, now, there are so many of these things floating around on the market and I now make them myself and test recipes on a daily basis, I’ve found that I’ve become increasingly fussy about these things. 

For this reason, I’m always excited to try new products in the hunt to find something that has that wow factor! I’ve found raw chocolates to be something that can really vary in both taste and texture. Although some of the softer chocolates can be delicious and have that truffle like consistency, I must say I do like my chocolate bars to have a good bit of crunch to them; which thankfully these ones do! They also come in an incredible selection of flavours and textures- which I really like, as there’s not really anything else out there like it (not that I’ve tried anyway.) They also do a really nice dark bar with a high cacao percentage; which is something that I’ve grown to love lately.. and it’s so delicious in baking and other recipes. 

My favourite flavours from the range would probably have to be the matcha, caramello and chunky monkey. I honestly didn’t really expect to love the matcha flavour.. but Oh my goodness was I wrong! I can’t really describe it.. but it’s just SO delicious! It’s a teeeny tiny bit softer than the darker flavours, has little crunchy pieces of quinoa in and has THE MOST deliciously sweet (but not too sweet) creamy flavour! It’s like an upgraded version of white chocolate with an superfood boost of matcha added in there too! 

Obviously I had to test out using my new found love in some recipes, so combined it with this matcha chia seed breakfast pudding, for an extra special breakfast treat! Chia puddings are such a quick and convenient breakfast option that you can prepare in minutes the night before, ready to tuck into the next morning. They’re also a source of plant based protein and fats.. and are just something a little bit different from your standard overnight oats. 

Although matcha does have a fairly strong green tea flavour to it, I find it to work really well in sweet recipes, as it adds a rather unique depth of flavour and isn’t too overpowering. I’ve also been trying to incorporate more matcha lattes into my routine, in place of coffees. I’m not saying that I’m cutting out coffee.. I’m not saying that at all! But I have been trying to swap one of my daily coffees for  a matcha latte. I like to prepare them with either almond and cashew milk and honestly, they’re really rather delicious! I haven’t quite mastered a recipe that tastes as good as the ones I’ve enjoyed at a cafe, so that’s something I’m going to keep working on! But for now, why not treat yourself to a bowl of oaty, chia, matcha deliciousness for tomorrows brekkie.. 



  1. February 16, 2017 / 1:47 pm

    This looks absolutely delicious – a combination of so many of my favourite things! Must go out and get my hands on some W+H chocolate.

    • February 16, 2017 / 5:31 pm

      Thank you! You definitely should! It’s SO yummy!

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