Mini vanilla matcha cheesecakes

Raw cheesecakes would have to be one of my all time favourite desserts to make! I just love how creative you can be with both the flavour combinations and decoration; I mean the flavour possibilities literally are endless, I just love it! I’ve recently been really getting into matcha powders and have mainly been combining them with almond milk to make matcha lattes. I wanted to start including matcha into some more of my recipes have found that it works really well in sweet desserts. The matcha and vanilla combination tastes amazing and the creamy berry topping adds an incredible zingy kick to contrast the light sweet flavours of the cheesecakes. 

My secret.. well now not so secret combination to create the ultimate raw cheesecake filling is cashew nuts and coconut milk. Cashews are literally the best kitchen staple when it comes to making vegan desserts.. and many other dishes to be honest. They make it so easy to create the most delicious creams, sauces, cheeses and in this case.. cheese cakes! Normally I would typically go for a full sized cake, or cheesecake slices, but this time I decided to mix things up a little bit and make these mini ones, using my trusty silicone cupcake cases of course! If you don’t have a set of these in your kitchen cupboard, then I would highly recommend getting yourself some! I don’t actually use them for baking cupcakes- but they’re great for raw desserts like these ones and also for making things like peanut butter cups! It means that you don’t have to waste normal paper cases and they also make removing the cakes/chocolate really easy, as they don’t stick like they would with paper cases! 


Anyway, that’s probably enough about the cupcake cases.. you guys are here because you want to know about the cakes! In my opinion, a good cheesecake needs to have a really delicious, crunchy biscuit base, so that’s exactly where I began with these. This base consists of a combination of oats and dates, which creates a crunchy biscuit like texture, with an amazing hint of sweetness from the dates. They also help to bind everything together, so are another of my favourite kitchen staples for making sweet treats! This is also where I’ve added in the matcha powder- hence the slight green-ish colour. The subtle flavours of the matcha actually works really nicely here with the sweetness from the dates and mild creamy vanilla cheesecake topping. The berry sauce was a bit of a last minute addition and is a little optional extra, but I think that the flavours really work and it looks rather pretty too! The slight sour kick of berry creates a really tasty flavour contrast with the sweet, mellow cheesecake flavour and the vibrant pink looks stunning against the green! 

These would be great if you’re looking for something to serve to friends for a dinner party dessert or snack for a girls night in. They’re something a little bit different and would also be suitable for any guests who are vegan and or/gluten free! It’s also nice to have something with slightly more unusual flavour combinations and something that’s quite fresh, as I’m sure we’ve all consumed rather a large quantity of chocolate over the duration of Christmas! 


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