Mocha thick shake

I’m sure I’ve mentioned a fair few times on social media about my love for coffee. I haven’t actually been a coffee drinker for all that long, but really started to get into them over the summer after moving back home for a short while and becoming addicted to my mum’s Nespresso Machine. (FYI they make some pretty incredible coffee!) I have been making more of a conscious effort to try and reduce my coffee consumption slightly, as sometimes I do feel like I can slightly over do it- but hey, I’m not perfect! When I do drink coffee, I will either opt for the Nespresso machine or use these delicious flavoured instant coffees from a brand called Little’s. I discovered these whilst food shopping a few months ago and they were one of the best supermarket finds of 2016 without a doubt! I’m quite fussy when it comes to instant coffee, but these ones are seriously tasty! They do an amazing variety of different flavours including.. COCONUT! Yep, that’s right, coconut flavoured coffee! Is that not one of the best things that you’ve heard all day?! Another thing that I love about these is how handy they are! They come in really handy little pots and are perfect for taking around in my handbag or with me when I travel. I’ve recently discovered that they’re also great for using in recipes, like this smoothie! 

This is probably more of an indulgent, dessert type shake and would make a great pudding option, if you don’t fancy something too sweet or heavy. You could also add in a scoop of chocolate pea protein if you wanted to add an extra protein boost or turn this into a bit more of a decadent post-workout treat! The rich flavours from the cacao and coffee really compliment each other and that banana and date add a subtle hint of natural sweetness. You might be wondering why I’ve chosen to add cashews into the mix? Well, not only are they a source of healthy fats and plant protein, but adding the cashews also helps to provide a wonderful thick and creamy texture. 


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