Fig, Cheese & Honey Toasts


4 small slices of fresh sourdough bread 

2 slices Leerdammer light cheese 

2 fresh figs 

A couple tsp raw Honey 

Olive oil for cooking 


Heat up your grizzle pan to a medium heat and add a little drizzle of olive oil. Place the bread onto one side of the pan. 

Slice the figs and pop these into the pan also. 

Once the bread is nicely toasted on one side, flip and cook on the other side. Place half a slice of the cheese onto each and allow this to melt. 

Meanwhile, watch the figs closely and flip so they caramelise on both sides. They won’t take very long to cook to keep and eye on these. 

Once the figs are done, layer these on top of each slice of bread and melted cheese. 

When the cheese is all gooey and melted, assemble to toasts on a platter, adding a drizzle of honey and little sprinkle of salt to each. 

I’ve garnished these with some fresh micro-herbs for decoration and a little spruce of green!


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