No- Bake Pumpkin Pie



1/4 cup oats

1/4 cup pecan nuts

Tbsp coconut oil

2 tbsp agave syrup


1 cup cooked pumpkin

2 tbsp Pic’s Almond butter

3 Tbsp coconut oil

Tsp mixed spice

Pinch pink Himalayan salt

4 Tbsp agave syrup

1 cup cashew nuts

3/4 cup coconut milk- drinking kind


To make the base, start by combining the oats and pecans, then pulse these for a few seconds until they

form a rough flour.

Add in the coconut oil and agave, then blend again until well combined. Set this aside.

For the filling, pop all of the above ingredients in the food processor and blitz until really smooth and


Press the base into a loose bottom cake tin and flatten this to create a smooth surface. I used a 20cm tin.

Layer the filling on top and pop the cake into the freezer for 5 hours or overnight to set.

Allow to thaw a little before removing from the tin and serving. Decorate with toppings of choice and

dig in!

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