Protein Milky Way Style Bars



6 tbsp coconut flour 

1 scoop (about 30g) vanilla whey protein- I use one sweetened with stevia only 

4 tbsp honey- can sub for brown rice syrup 

5 tbsp non-dairy milk (I use coconut) 


30g cacao butter 

2 heaped Tbsp raw cacao 

2 tbsp date syrup/maple syrup


To make the filling, combine the protein and coconut flour in a mixing bowl and toss these together. 

Pour in the honey and mix well. Now, add in the milk and mix again until you’re left with a sticky dough. You might need to use your hands for this part. 

Transfer the mixture into a lined contain or cake tin and firmly flatten it out and smooth over the top. Pop these into the freezer for around 30 minutes to an hour. 

To make the chocolate, gently melt the cacao butter until liquified, then stir through the sweetener and cacao powder so that you’re left with a smooth and velvety consistency. 

Take the filling out of the freezer and slice this into bars. Carefully dip each of these into the chocolate, then place them onto a tray/plate lined with baking paper. 

Pop these into the fridge for an hour to allow the chocolate to set, then gently peel them off the paper. 

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