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My name is Charlotte, I’m 22 years old and I pretty much love anything health, food and fitness related. I’m a qualified personal trainer and am hoping to begin studying nutrition at some point later this year, as that’s something that I’m so passionate about. My favourite things would have to be: weightlifting, shopping, sushi and of course.. cooking. A day that included all of those would be just the perfect day for me. 

When I first created the blog, I had absolutely no idea that it would lead to where it is now or the message that I really wanted to portray. My health and fitness journey has been by no means a smooth one and there have been many significant ups and downs. I feel that after blogging for a year, I am only now in the position where I really know what it is that I want to write about and the direction that I want my blog to go in. I’ve experimented with countless different methods of exercise and ways of eating and completely understand how the whole thing can just become quite confusing and overwhelming. I’ve spent so much time trying to conform to certain health and fitness guidelines and follow diets based on what I’d watched other people do, however none of these things worked or were maintainable for me and just made me unhappy. I think the main message that I want my blog to show, is that health should be a part of your life and something that you can adapt to you. It doesn’t have to be super strict or made up of hundreds of rules and regulations that limit the things you can do. Yes, if you want to look a certain way or achieve certain goals, this is going to require more specific training and you may have to make changes to your diet, but this doesn’t have to determine your whole life and I like to think that there are ways that this can be incorporated into and worked around your lifestyle, instead of taking over it. 

With my recipes, I want to show people that you don’t have to eat the same thing five times a day to be healthy and stay in shape. I think i’ve prepped an entire day of meals only once in my whole life and sticking to a meal plan is something that I find to be a real struggle! That’s not because I don’t like the food.. I just like to eat what I fancy at the time and a varied diet is really important to me; both for taste and nutrition.. but that’s just me! I think that enjoying what you eat and actually being excited about your food plays a big part in sticking to a healthy routine. If I don’t enjoy something, then I feel I’m going to be far less likely to be able to carry on with it.. and that goes for exercise too. I’ve discovered that I love lifting, so that’s what I choose to do. I’m not going to make myself run for an hour on the treadmill if I know that I’m going to be dreading it every time and hating each second of it; because sooner or later, I’ll probably just stop doing it! 

So.. what kind of thing will you actually find on here? You may have noticed that I create lots of rather indulgent and fancy looking desserts? What can I say, that’s just something that I really enjoy doing and love the idea of adding a slightly more nutritional twist to typically less healthy dishes. But if it’s more of the savoury dishes that take your fancy, there’s also lots of main and side dishes on here too! You will also come across reviews for my favourite healthy eateries, general lifestyle & motivation posts and also some natural beauty bits too. I hope that you enjoy browsing my blog and if you do re-create any of my recipes, that you love them just as much as I do! 


Charlotte x

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    Hey, thanks for the truly amazing post. I feel better after having read this.

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